What is Tae Kwon-Do

Translated literally, Tae Kwon–Do means “Art of hand and foot techniques in self defense”. However, it is much much more than that. A holistic Martial Art of Mind and Body.

According to the founder of Tae Kwon–Do, General Choi Hong Hi the o b j e c t i v e s of Tae Kwon-Do are:

  • To cultivate character
  • To bring out one’s strong strength
  • To trim and slim the body
  • To display graceful techniques
  • To cultivate one’s mind.

It is a ‘Way of Life’ and it touches very aspect of our existence. A Tae Kwon-Do student must strive to develop and achieve a balanced ‘Total Human Being’ with high moral character, strong mind and strong strengths (physical,
spiritual and mental) who will contribute towards building a
better and more peaceful world.

KidoKwan is a way of focusing one’s energy (KI) and achieve the Balance and Harmony of MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT for a ‘TOTAL HUMAN BEING’.