A New Focus and Direction in Martial Arts

Traditionally, Martial Artists were regarded as models of Cultured Chivalrous Warriors and Leaders of high moral character who practice, Promote and uphold the principles of Humanity, Justice, Peace, Honesty, Respect and Integrity. Martial Arts training today are mostly centred on competitive sports tournaments, commercialism, self interests and personal egotism . The original Spirit and Philosophy of Martial Arts training have slowly vanished or given little emphasis in our ever changing modern world of Exploitation, Corruption, Aggression, Materialism and Commercialism.

Taekwon-Do as a modern Martial Art was developed by General Choi Hong Hi and it is intended to be taught as a Discipline and Way of Life where all serious practitioners must practice and uphold the basic principles of HUMANITY, JUSTICE, PEACE, INTEGRITY, SELF CONTROL AND INDOMITABLE SPIRIT. All Taekwon-Do practitioners can develop powerful, effective, devastating and incredible physical techniques and power. However, physical training is only a part of the overall training and development. Physical training is only a means and a way towards mastering the Spiritual and Mental aspects of Taekwon-Do. The Mental and Spiritual Power must compliment the Physical Power with the wholistic approach on the development of the MIND, BODY & SPIRIT is paramount.

A complete and true Taekwon-Do practitioner must possess not only Physical and Technical excellence, but also most importantly the Spiritual and Mental attributes with Conscience and Strong Moral Character We must realise that Physical and Technical excellence are only temporary, while the Spiritual and Mental attributes are permanent, everlasting and most important.